'The Moon' Hand-made Tarot Card
'The Moon' Hand-made Tarot Card
'The Moon' Hand-made Tarot Card

'The Moon' Hand-made Tarot Card

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'The Moon'. These times feel off or not quite right. The moon has always watched and observed these times. Energy is being sent to us, are you willing to accept it?

Printed to order, these cards are very special. Each card is printed from a hand-carved woodcut. Then cut, cropped and watercolor painted by hand. This card is part of a 22-card deck that will complete a major arcana tarot woodcut series. Every design is completely original and created by hand.

**Cards will be released as they are made, you can follow the process on Instagram and TikTok.**

IG: @blairwich.project

TT: @blairwich

I will continue to release cards as I make them. To prevent anyone from missing a card from their collection, I have chosen to make these cards to order and let them spread throughout the world. (These woodcuts don't last forever and there WILL be a cut-off at some point.)

 **May take up to 30 days to complete and ship cards*

About the printing:

These cards are all made with matched energy. Printed on high-quality Bristol paper, the brayer is rolled in the ink one time and applied to the front and back woodcuts simultaneously, keeping the energy as one. Then both sides of the card are printed, back then front. No registration is used during printing. Meaning, the cards alignment are printed by eye and may vary in placement, making each card slightly different and potentially "off-center". This isn't a bad thing and is part of the process. After air-drying for 3 days on a line, they are each watercolor painted by hand. Then, for long-lasting durability, every card is fully brush-coated with mod podge.