'Strength' Hand-made Tarot Card
'Strength' Hand-made Tarot Card
'Strength' Hand-made Tarot Card
'Strength' Hand-made Tarot Card

'Strength' Hand-made Tarot Card

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Strength. Feel strong, feel powerful, be successful, be empowered. 

Printed to order, these cards are very special. Each card is printed from a hand-carved woodcut. Then cut, cropped and watercolor painted by hand. This card is part of a 22-card deck that will complete a major arcana tarot woodcut series. Every design is completely original and created by hand.

**Cards will be released as they are made, you can follow the process on Instagram and TikTok.**

IG: @blairwich.project

TT: @blairwich

I will continue to release cards as I make them. To prevent anyone from missing a card from their collection, I have chosen to make these cards to order and let them spread throughout the world. (These woodcuts don't last forever and there WILL be a cut-off at some point.)

 **May take up to 30 days to complete and ship cards*

About the printing:

Printed on high-quality Bristol paper.  No registration is used during printing. After air-drying for 3 days on a line, they are each watercolor painted by hand. Then, for long-lasting durability, every card is fully brush-coated with mod podge.